John Hale Racing

"My first encounter with a race car: My parents were gone for the night and my sister was watching me. My older brother came over with some of his friends with their Camaro race car. I remember them starting it up and my sister took me out in the garage and I asked why it was so loud. She said it was because it was fast.

Fast forwarding a year or so and my dad had an lawn edger that was loud, while it was running I asked him "is it fast?.” Later on I would come to love these sounds that startled me as a youngster.

The second time I went to a drag strip I was 22 years and old drove an ET roadster. From there on I continued driving it on weekends when time and money allowed. Wanting to have my own race car I shopped around for chassis kits and considered building a race car myself, but was talked out of by friends and a local chassis builder and wound up building a top alcohol dragster.

Changing directions during the build, I decided to experiment with nitro and put a blown big block Chevy in it. I ran it a few times locally before a split with my business partner forced the sale. After establishing my own hot rod business nostalgia funny cars caught my eye. I knew I had to have one.

I had the resources and the personnel to run the car, so I said "why not." We had a lot of success and my first full season I won the championship. We carried the championship over to the next year as well, winning races in all three sanctioning bodies.

While I'm a full time driver for Jim Dunn on the NHRA Mello Yellow Series, I continue to enjoy driving my nostalgia funny car when time allows. I enjoy seeing all my friends I have met and look forward to meeting new ones."

Date of Birth: April 19, 1965

Hometown: Addison, Texas

Career Wins: 0

Career Final Rounds: 1

FC: 1

Career Best E.T.: 3.956 (Q3 Seattle 2016)

Career Best Speed: 317.87

John Hale

Hometown: Addison, Texas
Hale is a two-time Nostalgia Funny Car champion and actively competes on the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage series where he won the 2011 and 2013 California Hot Rod Reunions.

Steve Bolick
Marketing, Data, Oil, Fuel and Parachutes

Hometown: Greensboro, South Carolina


Wife: Karen

Height/weight: 5'10", 190 lbs.

Hobbies: Offshore boating and fishing, flying, shooting sports, anything outdoor life and grilling

Notable: Two-time Nostalgia Funny Car race winner and active competitor on the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series

Jeff Parker

Hometown: Plano, Texas

Guy Tipton
Crew Chief

Hometown: Frisco, Texas
Friend for 30+ years



Karen Miller
Travel, accommodations, and feeds this hungry crew

Hometown: Addison, Texas




Scott Givens
Car Chief

Hometown: Richardson, Texas
Left side of motor


Mick Sheldrake

Hometown: Myers Beach, Florida
Co-Owner, West Coast Tattoo & Body Piercing


Justin Wilson
Utility and all around badass

Hometown: Port Byron, Illinois
Former Marine, has been with us close to four years


How My Race Career Began




- Presented with a Wally for best appearing car


- Raced to a runner-up finish at Gainesville

- Reached the quarterfinals on five occasions

- Ran career-bests in time and speed at Topeka

- Nominee for Road to the Future Award


-  Competed at one national event
-  California Hot Rod Reunion Runner-Up
-  Tulsa Nitro Nationals Runner-Up
-  Presidents Cup Nitrojam Winner
- 2nd Member Legends of Nitro 260mph Club (261.14)

-  Earned Nitro Funny Car license; qualified in debut in 

   Seattle Nostalgia
-  California Hot Rod Reunion Winner (2nd in 3 years)
-  DRO 1/4 mile MPH Record (261.14)
-  Inaugural Texas Nitro Shootout Winner
-  DRO 1/8 mile ET Record (3.818)
-  DRO 1/8 mile MPH Record (196.07)
-  Boise Nightfire Nationals Low Qualifier
-  Boise Nightfire Nationals Winner
-  Texas Raceway Track MPH Record (200.50)
-  Texas Raceway Track ET Record (3.746)
-  DRO Texas Raceway Winner

-  Tulsa Nitro Nationals Runner-Up
-  Reset DRO MPH Record (253.42)
-  Reset DRO ET Record (5.711)
-  US131 Funny Car Nationals Winner
-  Cedar Falls Night of Fire Winner
-  Rockabilly Rod Reunion Winner
-  Boise Ignitor Runner-Up
-  San Antonio Nitro Jam Winner


-  DRO AA/FC Challenge MPH Record (251.72)
-  DRO AA/FC Challenge ET Record (5.777)
-  California Hot Rod Reunion Champion
-  Drag Racing On Line AA/FC Challenge Champion
-  World Series of Drag Racing Champion
-   World Series of Drag Racing Top Speed
-  World Series of Drag Racing Low ET
-  Boise Night Fire Nationals Runner-Up
-  Geezers at Maple Grove Runner-Up
-  Kansas City Muscle Car Reunion Champion
-  Bakersfield Track ET Record (5.589)
-  Cordova Track MPH Record (251.72)
-  Cordova Track ET Record (5.673)
-  Las Vegas Track ET Record (5.698)